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March 31 - April 30

Parade of Quilts - Winners Showcase

During Spring Fling 2022, over 1700 quilts were submitted across six categories that made up our Spring Fling Parade of Quilts - Quilt Show. Everyone who entered a quilt was automatically entered into our $500 Gift Card Giveaway! Spring Fling participants voted on their favorite quilts. There was also a 'Best of Show' per category that was judged by Grace Ambassadors. This made for one amazing parade! See all the winners in our Parade of Quilts Showcase.

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Spring Fling 2022 Community Quilt

Over 300 quilters from across the globe joined together and submitted a quilt block to our second annual virtual Community Quilt. The 2022 Spring Fling Community Quilt was a fan favorite for creativity, inspiration, and quilting fun!
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The Spring Fling is a FREE five-day Quilting Festival presented by the Grace Company. Participants can look forward to quilting workshops, giveaways, product demonstrations, tutorials, and LIVE interactive events packed full of games, and community interaction!
Submit a quilt or vote on one in our second annual Parade of Quilts. Don’t forget to check out the treasure hunt, Community Quilt, and the vendor hall full of quilting goodies and deals!

The festival kicks off LIVE right here on Thursday, March 31st. You won’t want to miss this event full of festival information, games, introductions and what to expect over the five day event! Register before March 31st and be entered into the HUGE pre-registration giveaway taking place right here LIVE!

Nope! This is a FREE event for all to enjoy! Be sure to take advantage of the HUGE product discounts happening during the sale. You can view these great offers by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.

Anyone can submit a quilt into the Parade of Quilts! Entries will continue throughout the show. Quilts will be judged and commented on by show participants, so be sure to get your entry in soon to allow more time for votes! Learn more about the Parade categories, prizes, and how to enter by clicking 'Quilt Show' at the top of the page.

ALL block styles, traditions, cultures and textures are welcome! We want our community quilt to represent all quilters and cultures from across the globe!

You can enter any quilt you have pieced together whether it is your own pattern or a purchased pattern. And it is allowed for someone else to quilt your pieced quilt as long as you specify that you weren't the one doing the top quilting in the description of your quilt entry.

Step 1: Go to your Account Dashboard
Step 2: Go to “My Quilt Entries”
Step 3: Click on the 3 dots under your entry.
Step 4: Options will come up to edit your entry.

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