Spring Fling Quilt Festival

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April 22 - April 30

LIVE Festival Kick Off

Join us Thursday, April 22 as we come to you LIVE to kick off the Spring Fling Quilt Festival and Vendor Showcase!

Pre-register TODAY and be automatically entered into our registration giveaway!

  • First place winner will receive a Q’nique 15R+ their choice of a Q-Zone Queen, Q-Zone Hoop-Frame, or Cutie Frame!
  • Second place winner will receive our new Cutie table top quilt frame!
  • You must be registered by 5 pm MST April 21 to be entered into the pre-registration giveaway
  • Winners will be announced April 22, at 2pm MST during our LIVE Giveaway Event!
Join us April 22-30th at 2 pm MST for our Live Event Giveaways!

The Grace Company will be giving away over $30,000 in product during the Spring Fling Quilt Festival! Every person who registers for the show will be automatically entered into our giveaways. The Giveaway Events will take every day at 2pm during the festival. See all the full giveaway schedule and products HERE.

Festival Sneak Peek

Starting April 22nd, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you are invited to participate in:

Can't make it those days? No worries! All events will be rebroadcasted throughout the week so you won't miss a thing!
The Spring Fling Quilting Festival is a FREE online event hosted by the Grace Company. Some workshops and classes may have an Individual fee to attend. This will be clearly stated on the show schedule when it is posted.

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(Our quilts will not be judged but will win prizes based on quilt interaction and likes)