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  • B:

    Visit Your Dashboard: Click the "My Account" box at the top right corner of your screen, then scroll down to "Account Dashboard". On mobile, tap on the three lines on the top right of the page and then tap on "My Account". Your account dashboard is where you will receive show announcements, see your quilt and block entries, and more! Go play around in your personal dashboard and get your letter "B"!
  • I:

    Learn About the Virtual Community Quilt: On the festival homepage, there is information about this year's Community Quilt! Find the link and go visit the page to get your letter "I".
  • N:

    View the Quilt Show Gallery: From the festival homepage, find the "Quilt Show" link and see what categories are in the show! Have fun viewing and voting on your favorite quilts while getting your letter "N".
  • G:

    Add an Event to Your Calendar: Visit the "Event Schedule" page and add an event to your calendar! Customize your festival experience while winning your letter "G".
  • O:

    Check Out the Giveaways: Find the "Giveaways" page to see what exciting prizes you could win this Fall Festival and grab your last letter "O"!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no restrictions on how the quilt was created. Whether you created your quilt by hand or used a domestic machine, we are excited to see ALL types of quilts that are quilted in all types of ways!

You can enter your quilt anytime between now and October 5th when the Fall Festival officially begins.

Yes! You can enter different quilts in different categories; however, you CANNOT enter the same quilt in multiple categories.

All festival participants are able to go vote on their favorite quilts! Votes will be hidden until the end of the show to remove any bias in voting. All comments on quilts will be visible throughout the show. There will also be a "Best of Show" winner per category picked by quilt judges chosen by Grace Company.

Yes! Each category is standalone, so the more categories you enter, the more chances you have to win!

No. Everyone that enters a quilt into the show will receive one entry for the $500 Grace Company Gift Card.

All quilt show winners will be announced on Friday, October 13th during our Quilt Show Winners Showcase at 2 p.m. MDT. Visit the event schedule to add the winner announcements to your personal show schedule. The quilt show winners will also be posted to the quilt show page the day after being announced and sent in a Fall Festival wrap-up email to all show participants.

Each category will have a "Best of Show" winner. The criteria for the Best of Show quilts are: visually appealing, overall design, creativity, color choices, fit category theme, and engaging. Each Best of Show winner will receive a $500 Grace Company Gift Card!