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    Join Us for Summer Camp: Tune in on Friday, July 12th anytime from 11 AM to 3 PM (MT) for the main event and get your final letter “O”! From the Summer Camp homepage, click or tap the button that says “Watch Now”. Make sure you watch on this event website, because watching from YouTube or Facebook won’t count towards getting your BINGO.

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Event Schedule

Dates: July 12, 2024

Janna and Allegra

Janna and Allegra

Sales Manager and Account Executive

Janna Mathews is the Sales Manager with Grace Company. She joined the company as an Account Executive and since being promoted, she has had the opportunity to work with both customers and dealers across the country. She has a great client and retail background and is committed to taking care of each person she is working with. Janna is dedicated to helping Grace Company grow. Although not a dedicated quilter herself, she comes from a long line of quilters and has several UFOs she would love to get finished. When she is not at work, Janna is an avid baker and loves bringing in tasty treats to share. Janna can’t wait to talk to you more about all the great ways Grace Company can help your quilting experience.

Allegra Erznoznik is an Account Executive with Grace Company. Allegra started at Grace Company in 2021, with experience in community outreach and leadership. They are dedicated to the growth of Grace and show that by applying their background to their work and consistently learning as much as they can. Allegra works closely with Grace dealers and customers, attends Quilt Shows, and creates virtual events. Allegra can't wait to see what they'll do next with Grace Company and loves sharing the wonders of the Grace community.  When they're not working, you can find them crocheting, adding a new hourglass to their collection, or snuggling up to their 3 adorable cats.

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