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Event Schedule

Dates: July 12, 2024

Bonnie Debruler

Bonnie Debruler

Grace Ambassador

Bonnie DeBruler Kempke wasabout 5 years old when she sat at the knees of her Nana who was deftly passinga needle through a lovely quilt.  Bonnie knew she wanted to be able to dothis herself one day.   Bonnie's first quilt was a double weddingring cut and pieced using her Nana's patterns, cut from old news print andcatalog pages which had been stored unlabeled in an envelope that Bonnietreasures to this day.   Bonnie's quilting journey progressed fromhand piecing and quilting to machine piecing using a crank machine then on to atreadle machine and finally her first fully electric Singer sewingmachine.  Bonnie is an entirely self-taught quilter.  In fact, shenever took a sewing or quilting class until this past fall.  That is notto say she hasn't learned from others...just not in a class anengineer she prefers to study the process of any new skill.  Bonnie has; however,taught several others to sew and quilt over the years.  Preferring QAYG tomanhandling a quilt through the throat of her many domestic machines over theyears, Bonnie never dreamed of owning her own machine quilting frame. When the affordable, storable, table top Cutie was introduced by The GRACECompany, Bonnie had to have one!  She quickly realized there was much tolearn and much to share.  After posting online of being overwhelmed withher new Cutie frame (only half in jest), Bonnie began video chatting with EllieMiriam, The Closet Quilter.  Bonnie decided that the CUTIE Quiltersjust had to be created and informed Ellie that she had to help admin and Elliequickly agreed.  Bonnie created the CUTIE Quilters Facebook(r) group onSeptember 12, 2021 expecting a modest number of members might join her, Ellieand a few others. The popular Facebook group of Cutie and Q-Zone framers hasgrown to over 2000 members in less than 6 months.   The group membershelp each other learn to use the Cutie Frame with their domestic sewingmachines and navigate the challenges of hoop frame quilting, shared by theCutie and Q-Zone frames.   

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