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Event Schedule

Dates: July 12, 2024

Karla and Maddie

Karla and Maddie

Grace Educators
Karla Gerome’s love for quilting began over 38 years ago. She first experienced quilts when she helped her mom tie quilts for family and friends. At a young age, Karla started teaching quilting at a hand quilting class called, “Tiny, Tiny Stitches.” Currently, she leads the education department at The Grace Company, which allows her the opportunity to innovate and create new ideas and ways to quilt or sew. Karla always looks to learn new techniques and help others develop confidence in themselves and their quilting abilities. Additionally, Karla likes to share her experiences and passion for quilting with others, and she deeply enjoys helping people discover their quilting style. She appreciates working with individuals of all skill levels and enjoys giving people creating quilting solutions. Join Karla and the Grace Company Education for “Tuesday’s With Grace,” a weekly video broadcast with fun creative patterns, ideas, and ways to quilt. The videos also demonstrate techniques for learning and using quilting machines and frames.

Maddie is our Education Assistant for The Grace Company.  She is also the girls sophomore basketball coach at her old high school. She is passionate about trying new hobbies whether it is basketball, golf, designing, and now quilting. She is going to start college in the fall doing online so she can continue working here and continue coaching. Madison is now making a quilt to help her with free motion skills.
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