Super Secret Product Leak!

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September 30, 2022

Grace Company Is Hiding Something!

After over 35 years of helping Home Based Quilters, just like you, achieve their quilting dreams, they're hiding something from you... don't let them!

Hidden Footage Core Reveal

I went undercover to try and expose Grace Company's best kept secret. We can't let them hide such a wonderful quilting tool from you quilters!

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Friday, Sep 30

Super Secret Product Reveal!

by Nathan

Join Grace for this excusive LIVE event as Nathan tries to uncover the identity of the secret leaker... and reveals the big secret of what Grace Company has been working on.

Home Based Quilters love quilting; we are changing the game to make your process the easiest and most fun experience you can have. Come and see for yourself!

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Hidden Footage Drop Leak

I caught them in the warehouse in the middle of a inventory transfer...

Check out what your products go through for Grace to ensure safe packaging and transport.

Who's Behind The Curtain?

The secret interview with the Grace Company's lead engineer. What's he hiding?